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Octo Telematics launches “Octo Rider 2V”

A new telematics device allows motorcyclists to film their journeys for added fun and safety

Octo Telematics presented its latest telematics device for motorcyclists, Octo Rider 2V, at the San Marino MotoGP in Italy over the weekend.

Octo Rider 2V, which is the first video recording system conceived for motorcycles and scooters, will safeguard motorcyclists by providing them with clear and unequivocal evidence of their responsibility – or lack thereof – in case of accidents, as well as reduce their insurance costs. The device, in fact, automatically records data and video of all accidents and critical situations.

“Our objective is to provide motorcyclists and scooter drivers with efficient tools that to ensure their rights and safety,” explains Andrea Mungo, CEO, Octo Cam. “Thanks to Octo Rider 2V every motorcyclist can enjoy state-of-the-art Octo technology that will unequivocally demonstrate the responsibility of an accident and reduce their insurance costs.”

Moreover, thanks to an innovative and intuitive smartphone app, Octo Rider 2V, which will be available starting in November, will allow all motorcyclists to relive their journeys in real-time as well as to download the videos and share them with their friends.

Thanks to the technological partnership with the Pramac Racing Team, for which Octo is the title sponsor, Octo Rider 2V will be tested on track and made available to all motorcycling enthusiasts for everyday use on the road.

Octo Rider 2V

Octo Rider 2V has been developed with “Video Event Data Recorder” Technology and is patented by OctoCam, a subsidiary of Octo Telematics. The device is the result of research and technological innovation developed by Octo and the company strategy aiming to provide motorcycle and scooter drivers with increasingly sophisticated tools that benefit custom-tailored insurance policies.

The device includes a small main unit that can easily be installed under the motorcycle seat or in any other areas. The optical unit, which films the journeys, can be installed in any position, compatibly with the motorcycle or scooter’s structural characteristics.

Octo Rider 2V also includes a monitoring unit that can be positioned on the handlebars to check the device status. Furthermore, Octo Rider 2V is completely waterproof and IP65-certified, making it suitable also for naked motorcycles that have no protected areas.

Octo Rider 2V has a Wi-Fi connection that allows drivers to interact with it in real-time through the dedicated smartphone app (available from November for both Android and iOS) and easily download recorded videos.

Octo Rider 2V can be booked and purchased directly at, along with all other Octo products for two-wheeled vehicles. The device will be available at €380 including VAT and installation. The installation procedure is guaranteed throughout Italy by Octo Telematics’ network of certified installers, who will install the device on your motorcycle or scooter.

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