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The ideal insurtech stack: new white paper

Juniper Research, a leading analyst firm in the mobile and digital technology sector, recently released a new white paper entitled A Guide to the Ideal Insurtech Stack, highlighting the critical capabilities every auto insurer needs to consider as part of their digital and process transformation strategy.

New insurance products and business models are being brought to market continuously and auto insurance is undergoing a period of significant innovation. To help insurers navigate this changing landscape, Juniper has identified seven key areas insurers should address as they build their insurtech stack.

In this white paper, Juniper:

  • Explores key challenges facing the insurance industry today
  • Identifies critical components of the insurtech stack
  • Highlights the importance of utilizing technology to address claims management, and
  • Provides strategic recommendations for insurers

Octo is proud to be one of the technology companies identified by Juniper as offering services key to insurers’ ideal insurtech stack.

Read the white paper.

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