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    Strong relationships with best tech companies

    Octo has developed strong strategic ecosystem partnerships with best of class software companies, analytics providers, customer relationship management specialists, Telcos and niche service providers.

    These mutually beneficial relationships with market leaders in different fields allows both parties to access and deliver a unique combination of consultancy and products with Octo solutions.

    Industries is also


    This sector has been completely revolutionized by Octo. The aim has always been to add value to the insurance industry and therefore to the offer for end users.

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    Renting and Leasing

    Octo has developed proper tools to simplify and optimize both fleet telematics and vehicle sharing and renting due to the adoption of smart devices and comprehensive ready-to-use rental processes.

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    Automotive OEMs

    Dedicated solutions that leverage data to improve OEMs business as well as to expand and enforce their network of operations.

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    Data Brokers

    Data brokers aggregate data from different sources that need to be integrated, cleaned, and released. This is what Octo does when it comes to selling aggregate data through services.

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