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OCTO Vision Zero


Provide technologies and business processes as resources and tools for the adoption of ESG criteria.
Thanks to a people-centered approach,
OCTO Vision Zero guides companies on the adoption path
of ESG for different mobility use cases.

ESG Criteria

ESG is a framework defined by the United Nations to measure the environmental, social and corporate governance impact of companies and to reduce the negative externalities that they generate.


According to a principle of technological neutrality, promote the reduction of environmental impact by acting on the different components of urban ecosystems (mobility, buildings, infrastructure, resource management, data, roads, etc.)


Develop an inclusive and cohesive urban system for all social and cultural groups in the city, responding to their different needs to improve the quality of life.


Create an “innovation-driven” ecosystem that allows the development of relationships between the city’s various stakeholders (both public and private).

From Vision Zero to ESG principles

Companies that act according to ESG principles generate long-term value for stakeholders and trust in financial markets.

  • Positive
    1. Pollution Reduction
    2. Traffic Reduction
    3. Cost Saving for Sustainability
    4. Mileage Reduction
  • Positive
    1. To help reducing the negative impact of health and human life
    2. Democratization
  • Positive
    1. Increase Transparency to reduce Frauds
    2. Data Driven Decisions
    3. Monitoring Mobility Ecosystem
    4. Safety at Work
    5. Antibribery
    6. HR Management

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