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Territorial Roadshows

This year’s OCTO Connected Forum follows a series of roadshows to connect with the main representatives of regional, local and territorial public transport administrations. As know innovators, universities and research institutes, as well as local enterprises will also join the discussions.

The roadshows have made it possible to understand the needs of administrations to finalise the ‘Sustainable Mobility Dashboard’ that is designed to measure and assess the sustainability performance of mobility within cities based on the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) paradigm and in line with OCTO’s Vision Zero, i.e. mobility without accidents, pollution and traffic. This new governance tool will be available to administrations to promote a growth model capable of combining economic development and sustainability.

La Via Italiana alla mobilità connessa

2nd Territorial Roadshow Roundtable

Florence, July 4th 2023

La Via Italiana alla mobilità connessa

3rd Territorial Roadshow Roundtable

Mantua, 12th July 2023


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Download the Report of the last edition

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