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Bags and Luggage

Intelligent Belongings

Enjoy your travels, with assurance that your valuables won’t be lost or stolen. Numy Nano, Numy Keeper and Numy Guardian connect your belongings, bags and luggage to the Internet of Things.

Numy Nano

Attach Numy Nano to your valuables, connect it with the Numy app and find everything that matters.

  • Make your Numy Nano ring, to retrieve your lost items in seconds.

  • Press the button on your Numy Nano twice to make your smartphone ring even if it’s in silent mode.

  • When your Numy Nano is out of Bluetooth range, you can check its last known position.

  • Geofence: get notification every time your belongings are left behind your comfort zone.

  • You can pair multiple Numy Nano to the same app.

Numy Keeper

Put Numy Keeper in your luggage and track your bags during travel.

  • GPS and GSM-cell geo-localization technologies: you can find your lost or stolen luggage outdoors and indoors.

  • Low Energy Bluetooth Technology: watch your luggage in a short distance and activate geofence to receive alerts or text messages whenever your baggage leaves the virtual fence.

  • For air travel, Numy Keeper automatically turns on sleep mode during take-off. When the plane lands, Numy Keeper automatically wakes up and continues communication with your smartphone.

  • You can pair multiple Numy Keepers to the same app.

Numy Guardian

Put Numy Guardian in your toolbox and track your valuables wherever they go.

  • GSM module (GPRSQuad-band) with an internal antenna and a Multi-Constellation GPS receiver.

  • Up to 6 months of battery life.

  • Rugged body.

  • You can pair multiple Numy Guardian to the same app.

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