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Scoring at its highest level

Adding value to risk management

OCTO added the DriveAbility® score to its portfolio – including data, people and process – in late 2017, using actual claims experience from a pool of insurers. DriveAbility® is part of the risk management process and represents the most valuable set of indicators to predict the likely loss costs of an individual driver. The end user output results in a final value (score), which can determine the profiling based on the accident risk factor.

DriveAbility® is based on actuarial science and it extends the level of knowledge and precision adding the use of actual insurance claim and policy data and external data such as road type, weather, and congestion.

Several solutions to fit everyone

With DriveAbility®, OCTO offers a bundle of solutions that let insurers choose between a single source supplying data collected through OCTO devices and sensors that can be tuned or developed on their own or, alternatively, in conjunction with a third-party Telematics Service Provider (TSP).

Different user, same goal

DriveAbility® offers the most sophisticated scoring with the goal of reducing risk. A combination of different behavioral and environmental elements is available both for insurers and their policyholders. The score components contribute to improve the insurance policy offer as well as drivers’ behavior.

Benefits of DriveAbility® score are undeniable both for insurers and end users, in terms of a highly predictive of risk and consequently better pricing and market segmentation along with an enhanced customer experience.

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