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OCTO PurePlace Car

Nowadays sanitisation is essential, moreover when it comes to sharing a vehicle.

What is it?

OCTO PurePlace is an automatic and controlled way to sanitise vehicles with the OCTO Purifier device installed. 

It is a digital application supporting both iOS and Android operating systems that combines a telematic device (OCTO SmartDiag or OCTO EasyPro) and the OCTO Purifier.

OCTO PurePlace uses the advanced AFLPCO®* Photocatalytic Oxidation method to sanitise a vehicle after each use. Both effective and harmless, OCTO Purifier is derived from aerospace technology (NASA patent released on public domain) and can eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi as well as odors and volatile organic compounds.

Powered by a common 12-volt supply (such as a car cigarette lighter), it is highly compatible with all types of vehicles and quick to install.

*AFLPCO® is proprietary technology of Air For Life UK Ltd

Key benefits

OCTO PurePlace:

  • is an easy-fit, low-friction solution
  • is non-invasive and safe for both users and surfaces
  • guarantees on-travel sanitisation to maintain a clean and healthy environment
  • provides a rapid and complete sanitisation cycle
  • clearly communicates to drivers and passengers that levels of sanitisation inside the vehicle are safe.

OCTO does not guarantee, represent or warrant that the use of a photocatalytic oxidation purifier used in the OCTO PurePlace will prevent a vehicle’s occupant(s) from contracting any type of bacteria or virus based illness, including, but not limited to, the common cold, coronavirus or influenza.

OCTO Purifier

OCTO selected the most appropriate technology on the market, namely the so called AFLPCO®* Photocatalytic Oxidation, integrating it in the on board wireless network and the overall telematics use case handling.

This sanitisation is particularly useful, if not indispensable, for the sharing and short term rental applications, and for the cab city services.

Length: 151 mm Width: 71.3 mm
Height: 69.5 mm Weight: 110 g

*AFLPCO® is proprietary technology of Air For Life UK Ltd

OCTO SmartDiag

Small, plug&play OBD Dongle. To be used in conjuction with any  OCTO product with BLE connectivity, it can extend their usage.

OCTO SmartDiag provides to the user info such as: Odometer, Fuel level, Service info (dates/times, fluid levels), TPMS info, Battery condition, Vehicle occupancy.

Length: 50 mm Width: 20 mm
Height: 25 mm Weight: 10 g

Technical Features

OCTO PurePlace Car – Product Description
OCTO PurePlace Car – User Manual
OCTO PurePlace Car- Certification

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