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OCTO Telematics Enhances Road Safety with Crash Detection via Smartphone

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OCTO revolutionises emergency call solutions with innovative crash detection technology available on any smartphone.

Rome, 31 January 2024 –Even with the overall number of crashes decreasing in Europe and the US, road safety remains a global concern. To make our roads safer, strong actionable solutions are needed to prevent road traffic deaths and injuries. 

By leveraging one of the most ubiquitous and pervasive technologies already in every driver’s pocket, the smartphone, OCTO is revolutionising road safety. It brings the intelligence of instant crash detection to a mobile phone, all without the need for driver interaction.

The OCTO solution is profoundly transformative of the user experience, proactively supporting drivers at their time of need. It does this by turning the smartphone into an active sensor for detecting severe crashes and automatically requesting assistance to reduce the impact on human life.

With over 90% of the population in Europe and North America using smartphones and the ease of installing software via app stores, there are no barriers towards adoption and therefore increasing the safety equipment of vehicles or offset the lack of it.

In addition to the goals of improved driver safety, the OCTO solution fits perfectly into several use cases across many industries. Crash Detection via Smartphone provides additional information related to a crash event, enabling a more efficient claims management process for insurers, right from the early first notice of loss (FNOL).For fleet operators, the beneficial effects include improved duty of care towards drivers, reduced downtime of vehicles under management, and with respect to the wider ecosystem of operating in urban areas, helping the pursuit of sustainability in smart cities.

This cutting-edge technology detects mid and severe crashes, using the smartphone’s on-board sensors and an AI algorithm based on billions of real crash data collected by OCTO.  

Crash Detection is available through the OCTO Digital Driver™ App, a comprehensive framework of digital solutions designed around the driver experience, which can be easily extended with additional features such as driving risk assessment and coaching, to facilitate and streamline the delivery of business services by the ecosystem.

Companies can quickly launch their own solution through a configurable white label app or embed it into their own proprietary system thanks to the OCTO software development kit (SDK). Available on iOS and Android, in a matter of seconds, drivers can install the app on their smartphones with no additional hardware needed.

Tina Martino, OCTO’s Head of Marketing , commented: “We are proud to present our revolutionary Crash Detection via Smartphone, which is the result of more than 20 years of experience in telematics and analytics applied to automatic crash detection and claims management. We believe that the availability of the solution on a personal device, such as a smartphone, can unlock tremendous value for road safety through its potentially pervasive adoption“.

With this OCTO solution, every connected driver will be safer, and every organisation’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals will be more viable.

OCTO Telematics

OCTO has always been at the forefront of innovation in the connected mobility sector. A pioneer in insurance telematics, today the company is the main advanced telematics and technology solutions provider also in the Fleet Management and Smart Mobility industries, leveraging on Machine Learning and AI to transform IoT data into actionable intelligence. Thanks to its know-how, the expertise developed in over 20 years of global advanced analytical services, and its M&A strategy, OCTO is spreading the value of advanced data analytics through its scalable platform to serve worldwide end worldwide end users of different mobility applications with a superior customer experience. Through different business applications and use cases, OCTO is bringing telematics at the core of the smart cities as advocate of the global goals of sustainability thanks to OCTO Vision Zero: Zero Crashes, Zero Congestion, Zero Pollution. OCTO has currently 5,7 million connected users, holds the largest global database of telematics data, with more than 552 billion Km of driving data collected and over 1 Billion crashes detected.


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