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Automotive OEMs

Services for the industry, partners and drivers

The Octo IoT platform

Octo solutions developed for the automotive OEM industry successfully influence the work of the industry, the ecosystem of partners, and drivers. A car as a device model can be used to enrich OEMs’ data and the connected vehicle, by adding proprietary IP rights within the vehicle’s TCU and connecting OEMs with other industry verticals and enterprise services within the connected vehicle ecosystem.

For the partner ecosystem, an innovative smart telematics Automotive OEMs value proposition can translate into value-added services for car dealers, importers, aftermarket retailers, insurance companies and short- and long-term rental corporations.

In addition, new products that don’t require a device have been developed for individual end users. These consist of customized services including location-based services, loyalty programs, push advertising, vehicle diagnostics, and preventive maintenance.

Benefits for all

In terms of shared benefits, Automotive OEMs can improve their brand, client loyalty, and retention as well as enlarge the solution portfolio; partners can see their costs decreasing, while offering a more accurate risk pricing evaluation, besides additional wholesale activities and original spare parts; drivers enjoy an enhanced customer experience and have access to a personalized insurance policy.

The Octo IoT platform is based on a simple, intuitive and self-serviced online configurable interface, perfect for a zero-latency start-up as well. This platform is fully integrated with Octo’s portfolio of devices, is open to third-party device integration, and is available through an API gateway.

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