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Data Brokers

Knowing how to handle data

Interface standard

As an IoT operator, Octo collects data via sensors, devices and apps. It’s capability to process them suggests that it operates not only as retailer but also as compositor.
Octo has a deep knowledge of data and arranges them in order to make it instantly available to different users through the interface standard.

Data is available offline via a simple server to server FTP connection and through real-time APIs. Real-time APIs are more sophisticated and require development of the interface by the Octo client.

A worthy chain

Every industry is interested in collecting data and make it profitable for their own business. Besides insurers, car makers can capitalize on data for mobility, public administration can capitalize on data for smart city applications and utilities, and smart mobility operators offering a car sharing service.

Contextual data, like that provided by a public administration, is also very useful to enhance Octo’s algorithm efficiency. Octo addresses the data broker market with the purpose of enriching its capability to interact and develop its apps’ value.

In this sort of chain, data (collected via GPS) transforms to information, through aggregation and visualization, then to knowledge. After that, it is possible to extract algorithms and then score.

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