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  • Sharing and renting
  • Roadside assistance
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • App score and services
  • Sharing and renting

    Vehicle Tracking and Geofence

    Trips Reconstruction.
    Real-time Position.
    Damage Detection and Reconstruction.
    Anti-Theft Technology.

  • Sharing and renting

    Trip Analysis and Management

    Reservation and registration.
    Keyless Access.
    Driver and Behavior Scoring.
    Driver Feedback.

  • Sharing and renting

    Maintenance Management

    Real-time vehicles diagnostics:
    Mileage, Fuel Consumption, Residual Value.

  • Roadside assistance

    The Octo Security Control Room is instantly accessible from the vehicle. It can take information and dispatch breakdown help direct to your location, at any time.

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

    Real-Time Alerts

    A Security Control Room is automatically alerted if your vehicle is stolen or used without your knowledge.

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

    Always On Localization

    Always know the exact position of a vehicle.

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

    Stolen Vehicle Recovery

    Octo’s GPS tracker dramatically increases the chance to retrieve a stolen vehicle.
    Stolen vehicles can be tracked quickly, with a 90% recovery rate within 24 hours.

  • App score and services

    Scoring and Driving Behavior

    Granular telematics data provides insights into driving behavior, giving policyholders feedback and targets to improve safety. Driver’s engagement, challenges dynamics and leaderboard, real time offers and reward.

  • App score and services

    Advanced Gamification, Tips and Education

    Driver’s behavior improving, performance trends and monitoring. Mitigate risk by providing feedback, tips, and educational resources to help policyholders drive safer.

This solution is based on

Your smartphone and our on-board devices. A powerful match to transform your car into an intelligent one.

  • Supereasy

    Professionally on-board installed. Its functions are related to inertial, anti-theft and trip services.

  • Mobile Application

    Coupled with Octo devices or alone, everything you need to know about your car and driving behaviour is on your smartphone screen.

  • Smart Tag

    There’s no need to be big to do big things. Our smallest device is a useful data collector in case of crashes and for monitoring.

Sharing and Renting

Smart telematics to improve the service

As a premier technology provider, OCTO offers you the best possible application of telematics for fleet and sharing.

OCTO devices and app have been developed to provide an autonomous management of a shared/rented vehicle, through apps for the web, smartphones and smartwatches. In the meantime, we are collecting and processing useful information to use for service improvement and then, to enhance your driving experience.

Roadside Assistance

Assistance Control Room

Whenever you need, we’ll be there. Ask for assistance right from your vehicle, simply through a push button integrated in your app.

Emergency Service

Even in the case of the worst-case scenario, OCTO guarantees assistance from its control room. Our state-of-the-art technology will come to your aid 24/7.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Highest recovery rate

OCTO always knows the exact position of a vehicle, thanks to a multi-device system developed to increase the chance of retrieving a stolen car. Stolen vehicles can be tracked quickly, with a 90% recovery rate within 24 hours.

Informed in the event of theft

The Anti-theft system works in two different ways: “on demand”, through a manual Driver Call request for assistance; “automatic”, with alarm notification at battery disconnection/wires cut or at vehicle movement at engine off.

App Score and Services

A digital journey

OCTO has designed the ideal solution for your digital journey, transforming every smartphone into a telematics device and interface with engagement features aimed to enhance your driving experience and to encourage better driving behaviour.

Scoring to create a virtuous cycle

You can receive customised advice on how to improve your driving style, with a score from 1 to 100 assigned to every trip. All your data will be handy and under control. It’s you deciding the way forward. OCTO helps you make it better.

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