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A journey for all

A system designed for companies

The sharing concept finds another level of application in the case of the Carpooling service where drivers can join others for a part or the whole of their journey. In this specific case, OCTO has developed a system reserved for companies only.

Carpooling service is related to the fleet realm but it’s easier to compare it to Corporate Vehicle Sharing. It consists of a web application provided by OCTO which intersects supply and demand, availability and people need, taking into consideration other details such as people willingness on being flexible when it comes to times and geographic position for pick up and destination.

Smart Mobility is also

Fleet Telematics

When telematics moves from insurance experience to fleet management, companies need to understand how cars behave and also how the total cost of ownership (TCO) affects their business.

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Vehicle Sharing

Octo is Enjoy car sharing technology provider. The most important aspect of Vehicle Sharing service is the “key-less” management of the fleet which enables locking and unlocking of the car using just an app.

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Corporate Vehicle Sharing

Octo works with medium and large companies that have cut their costs and optimized the management of their fleet.

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Vehicle Renting

Octo technology suite offers end-to-end Vehicle Renting solutions for car and ride sharing operators, corporate fleet and peer-to-peer shared mobility communities.

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Ride Hailing

This innovative tech solution consists of different features and it’s based on a private platform and on additional services developed by Octo.

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