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Engine Data Reporting

Technology to improve company efficiency

The Nebula technology

This solution allows the collection of useful data from the ODB car port, through an easy to install device (OBD Dongle), to be used in Fleet Management and Vehicle Sharing realms. The OBD port provides standard information, regulated by international protocols, and other specific information defined by each manufacturer’s protocol.

The OCTO solution, which leverages the Nebula technology, a leader in the field and recentlyly acquired by OCTO, permits the access both to standard information available on the OBD plug and to proprietary information, providing the best available coverage, especially for vehicles registered after 2005.

When data results in cost saving

OCTO technology is able to collect the following data from vehicles: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), or the residual distance/time before the next car service; useful information to analyse driver’s behaviour (Engine RPM or speed), particularly when paired with other data that OCTO’s solution collects through inertial sensors placed inside its devices; useful vehicle data (fuel level, battery charge level); other data providing alerts related to illegal usage or attempted theft.

All these features combined improve the service for end users and the companies’ efficiency, resulting, when well-managed, into cost saving and profitability.

Smart Analytics is also

Analytics as a Service

The ability to influence the value chain concerning data management and to adapt them to specific market needs.

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Geographic Vehicle Flows

The knowledge of traffic status, based on real-time traffic and forecasting, is fundamental to implement the urban mobility policies.

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Mobility Atlas™

Vehicle flow analysis and tracking in relation to the business initiative that a company intends to realize.

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Vehicle Utilization Data

One of the most important services for car makers. This data, linked to the driving style, provides the insight needed for predictive maintenance.

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Data Driven Score

This risk scoring is calculated connecting the driving behaviour on a sample related to a crash index amongst the same sample, resulting in a risk index.

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