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Geographic Vehicle Flows

Knowing the traffic

From mobility data to mobility flow demand

Road traffic causes pollution and congestion delays that make city travel difficult.

Thanks to OCTO mobility data, it’s possible to create the mobility flow demand on a daily basis to more effectively manage resources on the roads and optimize mobility planning decisions.

Implementing urban mobility policies

The knowledge of traffic status based on “Floating Car Data” (FCD), both real-time traffic (now a casting approach) and forecasting (with different degree of reliability), is fundamental to implement the urban mobility policies and design the vehicle flows over different geographies and time slots.

Average length and duration of journeys enables the evaluation of the origin and destination matrix, point of traffic attractiveness, points of stop, systematic movements towards unsystematic in order to infer the future needs for mobility.

The huge amount of data, based on the sample representativeness, is essential to guarantee a reliable design of the phenomenon through methodologies that allow a high spatial/time resolution.

OCTO provides real-time traffic solutions through its company Infoblu.

Smart Analytics is also

Analytics as a Service

The ability to influence the value chain concerning data management and to adapt them to specific market needs.

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Mobility Atlas™

Vehicle flow analysis and tracking in relation to the business initiative that a company intends to realize.

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Engine Data Reporting

A technology that allows the collection of useful data from the ODB car port, through an easy to install device, to be used in Fleet Management and Vehicle Sharing realms.

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Vehicle Utilization Data

One of the most important services for car makers. This data, linked to the driving style, provides the insight needed for predictive maintenance.

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Data Driven Score

This risk scoring is calculated connecting the driving behaviour on a sample related to a crash index amongst the same sample, resulting in a risk index.

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