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Mobility Atlas

Cars as mobility sensors

Drivers’ cluster analysis

This telematics Atlas is the result of vehicle flow analysis, for both incoming and outgoing traffic, within a specific geographic area. These vehicles are tracked in relation to the business goal that a company wishes to achieve.

Understanding how to analyze a single driver behaviour may pass through a cluster analysis: cars as “mobility sensors” play a crucial role in the IoT of the city. They are adaptable sensors, right where there’s a need to survey a mobility phenomenon. The adaptive concept is related to traffic, which activates data collection. In some sense it is like cars were leaving tracks by themselves, producing “digital crumbs”.

Drivers’ behaviour under a microscope

Mobility data represents society-wide proxies of human mobile activities. It’s a social microscope of individual, collective, and global behaviours, where data achieves a different perspective, from individual to collective mobility towards the smart cities, e.g., to understand how much traffic is possible to reduce with a car sharing service.

This type of data generated from a Mobility Atlas is crucial for utilities, mobility sharing operators (in order to know where to place the vehicles station), and to overlap different maps of a city area.

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