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Professionally Installed

A family of telematics professionals

These devices require a proper professional installation in order to provide the right service. Beyond the aforementioned EasyDiag OBD Dongle, there are other devices that are specifically conceived for installation inside the passenger compartment and connection to the vehicle electrical wiring.

Alone or coupled, for the best possible service

Stealth is the Anti-theft hidden tool that can be combined with another telematics device in order to augment the robustness of the anti-theft services, substantially increasing the likelihood of a stolen car recovery.

Video Carbox is the emergency services/eCall telematics device that combine both the inertial detection and the video detection of crashes and significant driving events by exploiting one or more optional embedded cameras. OCTO has also developed ProShare, the most powerful telematics device for shared mobility and rentals.

Devices is also

Smartphone Based

Small and smart solutions to get the most from the simplest device.

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Simple On Battery Installation

The most widespread telematics device.

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On Board Installation

Different devices for diagnostic service, directly plugged into the car.

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