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Vehicle Sharing

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OCTO recently added this type of service to its business after a takeover of another company working as a supplier in this industry. This service offers several applications of sharing concept.
OCTO’s solution is oriented to the end users and it results in the ENI Enjoy project.

OCTO is Enjoy’s fleet technology provider. OCTO’s learnings from this largescale engagement are used to optimize service operations. The most important aspect of Vehicle Sharing service is the “keyless” management of the fleet which means the ability to lock and unlock the car using just an app.

Floating Vehicle Sharing

The fleets are available after driver registration and renting is based on a single vehicle. Everything runs on an app, which makes this service a floating Vehicle Sharing since there is no gathering point for cars. The service provided by OCTO through its device represents the best in class in terms of available features.

The platform dedicated to Vehicle Sharing or to Corporate Vehicle Sharing operators includes the management console and front-end functions for end users such as applications for the web, smartphones and even smart watches.

Proprietary onboard devices

All vehicles connected to the OCTO platform are outfitted with proprietary onboard devices that transmit user and vehicle data to the management console in real time. These devices are non-invasive to the user experience and transmit crucial data on its behavior, vehicle diagnostics and more.

Through its IoT Hub, OCTO can also integrate third-party devices, considering which level of the service to provide, depending on data and functionalities supplied by the device.

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