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Vehicle Utilization Data

Predictive maintenance

Improving customer retention

This class of data must be provided by the car maker. OCTO assimilates this data and links them to the driving style in order to get the predictive maintenance based upon different vehicles and different driving behaviours. Moreover, knowing an event in advance reduces risky driving.

This service is one of the most important for car makers because it convinces people to go to the car assistance which consequently enhances customer retention.

Smart Analytics is also

Analytics as a Service

The ability to influence the value chain concerning data management and to adapt them to specific market needs.

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Geographic Vehicle Flows

The knowledge of traffic status, based on real-time traffic and forecasting, is fundamental to implement the urban mobility policies.

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Mobility Atlas™

Vehicle flow analysis and tracking in relation to the business initiative that a company intends to realize.

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Engine Data Reporting

A technology that allows the collection of useful data from the ODB car port, through an easy to install device, to be used in Fleet Management and Vehicle Sharing realms.

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Data Driven Score

This risk scoring is calculated connecting the driving behaviour on a sample related to a crash index amongst the same sample, resulting in a risk index.

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