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Belgium may ban non-EV company cars by 2026

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Belgium’s next government wants to ban non-zero-emission company cars. That is a major step for a country with so many company cars. But the government hasn’t been formed yet.

Seven parties are currently in talks to form the next Belgian government. One of the ideas they’re already agreed on, is a ban on fossil fuel for new company cars by 2026. The proposal excludes even PHEVs, only allowing ‘pure’ electrics as corporate vehicles.

In a joint reaction, the country’s automotive manufacturing association (FEBIAC), its vehicle leasing and rental association (Renta) and the vehicle repair industry association (Traxio) say they support a greener fleet but find 2026 too early for such a ban.

At present, about 10% of Belgium’s 6 million cars are company cars, representing 20% of overall mileage yet more eco-friendly than average – emitting less than 2% of Belgium’s CO2. That means the proposal would have a limited effect on overall CO2 emissions, especially since the corona-related rise of homeworking has already significantly reduced mileage.

Source: FleetEurope

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