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Car Sharing Has Never Been So Easy

Car Sharing is a service that allows registered users to use a vehicle paying it only according to the utilization. To do this, just follow these quick steps:


Initially, it’s necessary to register on the website of the Car Sharing operator, entering all data information such as driving license, identity card and credit card. At the end of the registration, after the positive outcome of documents verification, you will receive an email confirmation of registration and a unique and personal pin code, which can be used to rent the vehicle.


The user can search the vehicle through two channels: the operator website or a smartphone App.

For most operators, the reservation is free for more or less the first 15 minutes, then a per-minute rate starts. If you realize you don’t need the vehicle you have booked anymore or you don’t have time to reach it within 90 minutes, you can cancel the booking, so that the car could be available for other users.

Through App, you can locate available vehicles close to you or to the closest address that you are looking for, or better if you find an available vehicle on your way, you can take it for immediate use without a reservation.

Once you have reached the reserved vehicle, you can unlock it via the App by pressing the “open vehicle” button; otherwise, in order to open a vehicle found along the road just enter the vehicle code and the license plate on the App, then press the “open vehicle” button.


Finally, before leaving, you will be asked short questions about the state of the vehicle, both external and internal, and concerning cleaning or the absence of keys. In case of one or more of these problems, it is good to report it through the App. If the selected vehicle is not suitable for use, you can decide to leave it and choose another one.

Once car’s check-up is finished, it’s time to go. The key is inside the vehicle ready for ignition, put in motion and enjoy your trip.

There are two types of Car Sharing: one is station based, the other is free floating. In the first case, you find the vehicle parked in a specific area of ??the city and you can only finish the rental within that area. In the second case, you find the vehicle in a specific parking lots dedicated to the Car Sharing operator, you can go anywhere in the city, but you have to finish the rental by parking the car in those specific lots.


Before getting out of the car, you need to check that you have closed windows, turned off lights, pulled the parking brake and then you can finish the rental. Immediately after, the amount due will be charged to your account.

At the end of each rental, you will receive a summary email containing the following information: rental number, vehicle registration number, place and time of start and end of rental and total duration.

However, once confidence is acquired, unlocking a car, getting on board and driving around the city will become as easy as opening the home front door.

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