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With Nissan Italy and OCTO courtesy cars are smart, connected and sustainable

·       Management of Nissan’s electric courtesy cars is now fully digital thanks to the partnership with OCTO Telematics

·       Customers can now access their courtesy car quickly and easily through the new “Promessa Nissan” mobile app

·       The additional service is part of the “Promessa Nissan” program, a first in the automotive industry

Rome, September 16th, 2022 – Nissan’s courtesy cars become smart and connected thanks to the digitization of the entire process of renting them for free to the customer in need of a quick and effective solution. The initiative is part of the services offered by the company under the “Promessa Nissan” program.

This advanced solution, enabling the assignment and management of the courtesy car within a short timeframe from remote, was designed by Nissan Italy in collaboration with OCTO Telematics, a leading provider of telematics services and advanced data analysis solutions for the insurance, Fleet Telematics and Smart Mobility industries.

The innovative project was presented in Rome today, during the OCTO Connected Forum, whose main theme was “The Italian way to connected mobility.”

Thanks to the “Promessa Nissan” Mobility App, customers can confirm their personal data, uploard their driver’s licence and ID, and obtain the contract simply by using their smartphones. Customers will autonomously manage the procedures of picking up and returning the car and, again, simply by using their smartphones unlock and lock the doors. The onboard OCTO Smart Key will allow to start the engine. The App has been designed to easily guide the customer through each step of the process.

The dealer also has access to a number of advantages: he or she can manage and monitor the cars throughout the entire process thanks to the new WEB platform, which also allows tracking and 24/7 access to how each vehicle is used.

Quick and easy administrative “paper free” processes managed remotely, unparalleled operational autonomy for the customer and a timely monitoring system, make the process extremely efficient with benefits for all parties involved.

A fleet of fully electric courtesy car

Nissan’s courtesy car fleet is fully electric and it offers the Nissan LEAF and Qashqai Mild Hybrid models, soon to be joined by the Juke Hybrid and the Qashqai e-POWER, for convenient, efficient and sustainable service.

·       The Juke Hybrid has a unique system, consisting of two Nissan engines, one thermal and one electric, combined with an innovative multi-mode transmission. The Juke Hybrid can be driven for about 80% of the time in the city in 100% electric mode, with a fuel consumption reduced by 40%.


·       The Qashqai Mild Hybrid boasts a brilliant and efficient 140hp and 158hp engines, 6-speed manual or Xtronic automatic transmission, and two- or four-wheel drive.


·       The Qashqai e-POWER is a Nissan patent consisting of a 190hp electric motor that drives the car’s wheels and a heat engine that produces electricity for the battery. One full tank of gasoline is enough to travel electric for more than 1,000 km.


·       LEAF is the first 100% electric car for the mass market with over 570,000 units sold worldwide and over 1.5 million tons of CO2 saved.

With “Promessa Nissan” tons of care for the customers and zero worries

The courtesy car is at the center of Promessa Nissan, our unique care services program, offering a driving experience with “tons of cares for the customers and zero worries.”

Promessa Nissan is based on four main items:

1.    Free courtesy car-delivered to the customer for any type of need, whether repair or maintenance, even outside the warranty period

2.    Free roadside assistance – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even outside the warranty period, regardless how old the car is

3.    Free check-up – to identify any need for repair or preventive work to keep the car efficient and safe.

4.    Best value for money – that is, application of the quote from any car workshop within a 5-kilometer radius, as long as the workshop uses genuine Nissan parts.

Marco Toro, President and CEO of Nissan Italy, said, “We are the only ones in the market to offer an integrated service with free courtesy car, even outside the warranty period, in addition to free pickup in case of emergency and other services. Today we are proud to announce the modernization of our fleet to serve our customers thanks to the partnership with a company at the forefront of the industry as OCTO has always been”.

Nicola Veratelli, CEO of OCTO Group, commented, “The collaboration with a partner and market leader like Nissan allows OCTO, once again, to continue to develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions to make mobility in all its forms increasingly smart while being aware that the economic and social development needs to be based on a new model of increasingly connected, safer and more sustainable mobility”.



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