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Sharemine Lets Micro And Small Operators Manage Their Own Shared Mobility Solutions

If you manage the mobility needs of a club or even an SME, you may think that professional ridesharing and Car Sharing tools are beyond your means. 

Think again: Omoove has a new solution, Sharemine, an online -platform aimed specifically at small to medium-sized communities and companies.

“Our aims is to make best-of-breed technology available at the level of community managers and small and medium-sized companies”, says Edwin Maria Colella, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Omoove.  “For example: you run a gym, and you want a tool for members to book a shared -vehicle to go to events. Or you are a car dealer and want to monetise your stock by renting out a number of units. You can even use Sharemine to organise peer-to-peer Car Sharing”.

Like WordPress for web content, Sharemine works on the freemium model: a basic service is provided for free, extra functionality comes at a small cost. The basis of the system is a tracking device that is either installed or already present in the vehicle.

Omoove is a subsidiary of Octo Telematics. Octo is The world’s largest insurance telematics company with 5 million of connected users and the world’s largest telematics database, with over 155 billion miles of driving miles collected and 397,000 crashes and other insurance events analysed.

Sharemine allows communities, small companies and even individuals to build and monitor Car Sharing and Ride Sharing communities. It has a fully configurable dashboard that allows booking and tracking of vehicles, drivers and riders, as well as revenue. The system also allows the inclusion of insurance telematics to encourage safe driving.

SMEs in particular can benefit from Sharemine, as an alternative to more expensive proprietary technology. Sharemine allows fleet operators to track their vehicles, monitor usage and wear and tear.

Sharemine is ideal for communities or companies with up to 10,000 members (or employees), sharing up to 50 vehicles. For larger organisations or fleets, Omoove has more complex and scalable platform available.

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