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When Companies Want To Make Their Employees Move Better,They Omoove

The need to rationalize the size, composition and use of the car park has favoured the search for innovative solutions capable of making the fleet more functional and productive. 

Corporate Car Sharing is developing fast and this is thanks to the ease of use of the service, thanks to the ability to book your car through the smartphone and specific App.

The development is also given by the telematics that allows the constant control of the vehicle, automatically managing the maintenance and the coupons, in order to always guarantee the perfect efficiency.

The third factor that has contributed to the growth of Corporate Car Sharing is savings, the possibility to share a vehicle reduces the overall size of a car park because the telematics, closely monitoring when and how much a car is used, allows you to establish Algorithms to calculate the correct size of the company fleet.

An important role is represented by the use of new technologies related to Shared Mobility that allow to save costs and create benefits associated with lowering urban pollution.

In this way, companies optimize fleet management and overcome long-term related costs and contribute to reduce pollution in cities.

Omoove Corporate Car Sharing offers benefits both for the company and for employees, allowing real savings and giving everyone the freedom to choose a car suited to the general and specific mobility needs.

From the company standpoint, a Corporate Car Sharing Solution can:

  • Reduce the Total Cost of Mobility and the use of extra-fleet vehicles (taxi, car rental…) so that all vehicles are always deployed with maximum rotation;
  • Optimize the use of the company parking;
  • Save in time and resources with Advanced Vehicle Management with customizable rules, detailed analytic information, easy reporting and costs center allocation;
  • Generate new income by assigning cars to employees while off-work or share them with other parties (car hirers, other…);
  • Represent, sponsor and support the technologies company solutions to promote innovation, not only to the clients but also towards the employees to build brand belonging and Corporate Social Responsibility awareness;
  • Increase Corporate Social Responsibility for a sustainable shared travel to decrease car renting burdens, reduce carbon footprint, increase talent recruitment and retention rates.

For the benefit of employees, a Corporate Car sharing Solution will:

  • Generate time saving while maximizing efficiency;
  • Have an additional chance of use for personal purposes.

Omoove offers a unique Corporate Car Sharing solution for your company fleet.

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