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When Companies Want To Know About Corporate Car Sharing,They Omoove

Shared Mobility is an high growth market that allows travels even those who don’t own a car, but only a license allowing to cut property and insurance costs.

The Car Sharing has entered our daily lives making it possible to guide even those who did not own a car, but only a drivers’ license doing possible to cut down on property and insurance costs.

The Car Sharing, it first welcomed in the big cities with great enthusiasm and then to reach the success, companies have also start to become part of the context of sustainable mobility.

To support the theme of environmental, economic and social sustainability, all companies, manifest their willingness to introduce the ethical component into the strategic vision of enterprise, through the effective management of issues of social and ethical impact (of issues) within and in the areas where they work, identifying themselves as a Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Car Sharing has spread even at corporate level, involving company to start a Corporate Car Sharing service.

The meaning of Corporate Car Sharing for a company means offer to employees a convenient mobility solution, even for those who do not have a corporate car assigned, through a dedicated fleet of vehicles for shared use among employees.

Corporate Car Sharing allows the Companies to optimize their fleet management and significantly reduce fleet-related costs over the long term. It also allows to offer to their employees an attractive mobility solution. Thus, employees are always mobile even if they don’t have a company car, and they don’t have to use rental cars or public transportation for business trips. In this way, your employees can save not only on costs but also on time.

At a corporate level, the company can have the freedom to share its vehicles to employees for professional or private use as well.

Corporate Car Sharing is introducing a whole new kind of business mobility and many companies over the world have already chosen to adopt this solution to save the cost for their employees’ car and taxi work travel.

The remedy does not only go through individual companies, but also by individual citizens, schools and public administrations that create most of the traffic themselves.

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