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Croatia has harmonized its law on mandatory motor insurance

In mid-December 2023, the Croatian Parliament took a significant step by approving a decision that aims to break the monopoly of insurance companies. After 15 years, Croatia has harmonized its law on mandatory motor insurance with EU legal norms. Here are the key changes brought about by this new law:

Reduced Insurer Rights: Under the new law, insurance companies will have fewer rights. They will no longer be able to self-assess claims, dictate repair locations for vehicles, or determine the cost of an hour of repair work.

Hourly Service Rates: Starting from 2024, new hourly service rates will be established. This is a departure from the fixed rate of EUR 13 that remained unchanged for decades. Policyholders can now expect more transparent pricing.

Courtesy Vehicles: Policyholders will have the benefit of a courtesy vehicle in the future, enhancing convenience during repairs.

This move aligns Croatia’s motor insurance regulations with European Union standards, promoting fairer practices and better protection for consumers. If you’re driving in Croatia, remember that a valid international motor vehicle liability insurance document is required, which should cover damages up to the amount specified in Article 26 (8) of the Act on Compulsory Insurance within the Transport Sector.

Safe travels!

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