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How to guarantee constant sanitization

When we talk about sanitizing enclosed spaces, our thoughts immediately turn to those environments and places that we visit the most and which “functions” implies greater exposure to risk.

Shops, restaurants, cinemas, post offices, supermarkets, gyms, banks: a list that gets longer as we consider the places where we happen to pass more frequently over time and which, despite the limitations on the number of simultaneous accesses, see an overall very high daily turnout.

Not to mention public transport and transport in general, service vehicles, car sharing, lifts etc. Places where we feel more exposed to the risk of contagion, and we strongly feel the need to be reassured on compliance through normal cleaning and sanitizing actions.

The question then arises spontaneously: what can be done to make the effects of sanitization lasting and constant if the shared spaces are highly frequented? How can you feel protected in those environments which, after the sanitization, have seen the transition of dozens and dozens of people?

This is where technologies come into play: state-of-the-art systems that, using devices and equipment of various sizes, allow the activation of continuous or intermittent sanitization cycles. Systems that, without having to resort to the intervention of specialized personnel, can act not only on surfaces within closed spaces, but also on the air. Systems that exploit the latest generation technologies developed by leading companies worldwide, thanks to which is possible to make closed spaces safer and to protect the health of individuals.

Regardless the type of devices used, their technical characteristics, dimensions, and operating mechanisms, what is certain is that the technologies we can use today represent a valid ally, not only to deal with the current emergency but in general, to ensure a better quality of life and protection for our health.

Written by Patrizia Blasi

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