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OCTO Smart Hospitality The Future of the Tourism & Hospitality sector is digital

OCTO introduces “Smart Hospitality”, a suite of solutions designed to accelerate the digitalization of the Tourism & Hospitality industry.  


Rome, July 20th, 2022 – For the Hospitality & Services sector, the Customer Experience is one of the key growth factors to guarantee business profitability. Customer service requires investments in innovation, marketing and those technologies that are giving rise to new business models whose true engine for future developments is to be found in digitization. 

OCTO Smart Hospitality has been designed with these premises in mind; it provides a single access point to integrate the entire rental process – from online travel agencies to guests and third parties – and house management services to business partners.  

Based on the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), the OCTO Smart Hospitality solution changes the hospitality industry and upgrades the way hotels, resorts, B&Bs – but also cruise ships, casinos, restaurants and other businesses’ leisure services – automate processes, collect data and interface with the users by offering them innovative digital services. 

The combination of IoT and data analysis capabilities allows OCTO Smart Hospitality to improve the guest experience with new digital services that optimize processes, reduce operating costs, and provide innovative services capable of responding to the customization needs of an increasingly sophisticated user. Besides, OCTO’s solution makes the hospitality structures smarter and more efficient thanks to proactive monitoring of critical issues while guaranteeing maximum safety for the guests and the owners alike.


OCTO Smart Home integration for total connectivity


OCTO Smart Hospitality simplifies booking operations by remotely managing access to the structure itself and enriches the guest experience thanks to the OCTO Smart Home services, a suite of digital connectivity telematic solutions and home management and security services, allowing a fully digital experience of the hosting spaces, tailored to the needs of each guest. 

Thanks to the native integration with the online booking platforms, the host automatically gets the reservation on the OCTO Hospitality App and can remotely manage access. The hospitality site is entered thanks to a virtual key: the App includes a smart electronic key allowing guests to access the premise autonomously and in full security. 

The integration of chat, video call and e-mail allows the host and the guest to easily communicate with each other, exchange documents and simplify onboarding and check-in procedures.

General information on the surroundings, places of interest etc., can be shared with the guests, who can also access information on home care, rules to follow, emergency numbers and much more.


Connectivity between travel agencies and hosts


OCTO Smart Hospitality also integrates a Channel Manager that allows the hosts to manage their properties’ availability simultaneously on multiple online booking platforms without conflicts. Each time a reservation is made, the solution notifies the host premise to allow access configuration for the guest, synchronize booking calendars and manage cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc. 

According to a report on Hotel Real Estate in Italy[1], presented recently, the hospitality market is valued at 116,3 billion euros, despite the historical transitional period the sector is going through and it is expected to keep growing in the upcoming years.

Despite the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, entrepreneurs have chosen to renovate existing premises and create new products and services. As of today, there are 819 renovation and new construction activities underway; 65% of which will be completed by the end of 2022. 71% of these activities are newly established, a harbinger of the advent of more and more state-of-the-art hosting premises for which digitization, the IoT and the ability to optimize services through technology will be increasingly indispensable. 

OCTO Smart Hospitality gathers in a single suite of products and services an unforgettable user experience for both the guests and their hosts, one they will no longer be able to do without.


About OCTO Telematics

Founded in 2002, OCTO is a leading provider of telematic services and advanced data analytics for the Insurance sector, and increasingly one of the leading companies offering solutions for Fleet Telematics and Smart Mobility. With OCTO’s unique propositions already established in the field of Insurtech and Smart Mobility, OCTO continues to expand in new sectors and international markets. In the context of an increasingly connected world, OCTO’s advanced analytics and it’s set of IoT Big Data, generates actionable analytics giving life to a new era of Smart Telematics. Today it has over 5.5 million connected users and the largest database of vehicle telematics data in the world, with over 303 billion miles of driving data collected and 493,000 claims and insurance events analysed. It also manages over 400,000 vehicle rentals per month. For more information, visit


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[1] Report on Hotel Real Estate produced by the research department of Wcg and Pkf, in collaboration with Nomisma, Rics, Associazione italiana Confindustria Alberghi and Federalberghi Roma (2022) 




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