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A Few Questions (And Answers) On The Scooter Sharing Service

In the quick changing world we live in, new solutions luckily come up every day for us to better overcome new problems. We just have to learn them a little, so to discover that some of them can widely relieve our day-by-day duties.

Let’s take as an example our need to move around in ever-crowded cities. Whether it’s a short-haul scheduled trip to that one market where we can find our favourite chips, or the last-minute search for the gift we should have already prepared before the birthday of our partner, nowadays we have Scooter Sharing services, offering connected scooters which come in our aid, immediately available over wide urban areas.

But what is exactly a “connected scooter”?

Well, it is a “normal” scooter that is also equipped with a telematic device (you can usually call it a telematic “on-board unit”), which allows the scooter to communicate with a service centre, through the mobile communication networks (just like your smartphone does every day). In other words, a connected scooter can automatically send data to the service centre, for example to tell it if the scooter is currently in use, or if instead it’s idle and available to be booked by any user, or even receive telematics commands from the service centre (e.g. to autonomously lock the saddle and the engine, when a user has just released it, so that unauthorized people cannot just take it and ride away). So, connected scooters are needed for a practical Scooter Sharing service be possible.

Ok, but what can I do exactly with a “Scooter Sharing Service”?

If you live or work in a mid to big-sized city it’s probable you already heard about Car Sharing services, or even used it. A “Scooter Sharing” is exactly the same, but the vehicle you can get and use is a scooter instead of a car. It makes possible, after you registered to the service (providing some required data, for example those of your personal identification and a valid driving license) for you to easily get and use a scooter in the area where you need to move (usually the centre of a city), exactly when you need it (24/7, holidays included) and during the time you need, then paying only for that time. And among the advantages of Scooter Sharing, just like the Car Sharing, you have not to worry about vehicle taxes and insurance, mechanic maintenance, fuel or battery recharging, tyres inflation, nightly rest in a box or garage: the sharing service manages all this for you!

Even further advantage?

Some scooter sharing services allow you to use electric scooters, so tu reduce pollution emissions and contribute to help our heavily-threatened environment

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