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Relieve The Fleet Europe Summit 2018 With Omoove

Omoove at the Fleet Europe Summit 2018

For the first time, the Fleet Europe Village contained a Smart Mobility Area that hosted Smart Mobility Talks on MaaS, safety and autonomous vehicles and shared mobility. It was also where start-ups could present their companies and pitch for the Smart Mobility Start-Up of the Year Award and where the candidates for the International Fleet Industry Awards defended their cases. We are present with our EVM solution and rank in the top 9 among flagship companies of the International Fleet Industry Award and we are proud to recognized as one of the leading companies in the Fleet Management sector.

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Smart Mobility Talks at the Fleet Europe Summit 2018

The third session of the Smart Mobility Talks addressed shared mobility as a disruptor, delving into the way to implement this mobility service in corporate fleets. Omoove showed the do’s and don’ts of shared mobility, from their experience with this new mobility service. Omoove, for instance, brings shared mobility closer to the company, by providing tailor-made solutions for larger fleets or plug-and-play solutions for those who are not that keen on working out the analytics.Omoove offers end-to-end Shared Mobility, Fleet Management and Insurance Telematics technologies and solutions for Car and Ride Sharing Operators, corporate fleet and peer-to-peer Shared Mobility Communities.

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The Mobility Paradox

Omoove’s VP Sales and Marketing, Edwin Colella, presented his insights on how the future of mobility includes redefining the travel experience. The vehicle acts as a gate to a world of mobility-based services in which the user experience must be simple, functional and above all self-service. He explained how shared mobility, enhanced vehicle management and insurance telematics interface between end user and operator. Especially the concept of “mobility paradox”, the fact that mobility has become complex, exactly because there are so many solutions, led to conclude that tools can put the user, or the fleet manager, back at the centre.

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Firts ever Fleet Europe EV test drive: quite the buzz

Italian telematics company Omoove joined up with Spanish two and three-wheeler maker Silence to create the first connected sharable e-scooter in the world. A regular driver’s licence suffices to enjoy the quiet and emission-free riding fun- without having to own it.Omoove and Silence together for the first electric Connected Scooter in the world. The S02 model by Silence coming out of the factory, is equipped with the Connected Technologies for the Scooter Sharing. It means that the device is not installed in aftermarket but it’s already provided at the end of the production cycle in the factory premises. The technological solution is offered as a Software-as-a-Service solution built on a web-based platform that comprises a suite of essential functionalities required for efficient management of a Scooter Sharing service: user registration, booking, use and release of scooter, accounting of costs, fleet manager support, back office support including reporting and business intelligence tools. The sharing service, included in the standard version, is available thanks to the Omoove technology. The device allows real-time access to the main information on the vehicle, on the battery and on the engine. 

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