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The digital future

Digital and telematics trends to keep an eye on over the next six months

Digital technology and telematics are two fields that know no rest. Despite continued clamour on the upcoming demise of Moore’s Law, which posits the power of digital devices doubles every six months, here are new products, trends and developments that are expected to influence our industry over the coming months.

Connected cars are the precursors of self-driving cars

The connected car market is in full blossom and new services and products are constantly being unveiled. The long journey towards self-driving cars has nearly reached home. In fact, experts posit that in ten years, or less, self-driving vehicles will become daily reality, reducing traffic jams and pollution, costing less to insure and maintain and ensuring far superior safety and security services.

The Internet of Things is growing

Although the Internet of Things still requires the development of a range of new software, hardware and standards, as well as a business risk and management strategies on behalf of enterprises, it is slowly, but surely growing and providing a range of new opportunities. The quicker standardization allows us to interconnect devices, the quicker the full extent of the IoT revolution will change our lives.

Low-power WAN technology with minimal infrastructural investments

Low-power WAN (wide area network) technology, one of the building blocks of the nascent IoT, will allow users in large geographic areas to connect to the Internet of Things via narrow bandwidth, but will only require minimal infrastructural investments to be put into place.

One device, one SIM, many opportunities

SIM cards are the miniaturised device memory and carrier hub that allow your digital devices to communicate. Now, eSIM cards, as they are called, allow devices to switch between data carriers without physically having to switch the card. This is the beginning of a major shift and eSIM cards are expected to vastly expand the number of connected digital devices. “

Welcome Hearables!

After years of new wearable technology, this year, the Barcelona World Mobile Congress introduced “hearables,” digital devices that nestle into your ear and read information to you. Like the older Bluetooth-connected devices, hearables provide aural feedback and can read your messages to you, alert you to notifications and update you on the weather and news.

Mobile payments are improving

Easy smartphone payments for a cup of coffee, gas or book are on the rise, but increasingly sophisticated mobile payment technology is expected to attract new users and opportunities. In fact, new identity verification systems employing biometrics, which allow identification via fingerprints or eye scans, will make transactions even more secure, simple and quick.

Ready for 5G?

Although the 5G data network is still officially being tested, rumours are that the new network may be ready to launch. The 5G network will be one hundred times faster than the current 3G and 4G networks.

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