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Analytics As a Service

The value of the data is high, but it takes the right skills to know how to extract it. OCTO’s Analytics as a Service (AaaS) services allow, through AI processes, not only to collect and analyze vehicle data, but also to combine them with data coming from the OCTO IoT platform and third-party applications, and to organize them in such a way as to be usable by all the professional company figures who must base their decision-making processes on that data.

OCTO IoT Cloud

A complete database of relevant information for mobility applications, qualified and integrated with external sources for native data enrichment is the necessary condition to allow companies to implement a “data strategy” focused on business priorities, avoiding expensive preliminary processes of data cleaning, data quality and data normalization. OCTO’s IoT Cloud is an infrastructure designed to support business analytical processes as it can manage the speed of big data, the volumes required and the tools to be analyzed according to the business objectives.

The advantage for companies is the simplification of IT operations, the reduction of operational costs and those deriving from system updates. The OCTO infrastructure manages, through standard IoT protocols, the insertion of data from sensors, both OCTO and third-party, and external sources such as car manufacturers and external data providers.

Pattern Recognition and Modelling

Analyzing data to understand not only what has happened but what will happen is a fundamental function for companies: obtaining information on the performance of a product, on the evolution of the customer base and on future profitability are aspects to be evaluated, even more so when exploring new business areas.
OCTO analytics models are based on machine learning algorithms resulting from years of analysis and applications that exploit mobility data. They can be easily integrated with existing big data solutions and can concretely help companies to have the right perspective on their data, focus on actual business needs and be more efficient in terms of time, results and costs.

OCTO models can be used for:

Behaviour and risk prediction
Real-time analysis
Trends and benchmarks between models
Algorithms for accurate crash detection
Predictive algorithms that enrich the knowledge of existing data sets

Visual Analytics

Visualisation is an essential tool for capturing information hidden in vast amounts of data: it requires not only skills but also adequate tools and infrastructure. Visual Analytics is a ready-to-use, scalable and customizable solution that allows interactive visualization for data exploration. The presentation layer can be customized according to the needs of the company and displayed in a simplified form for use by business and technical users alike.

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