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Renting and Leasing

Supporting Companies with promoting an intermodal ecosystem based on keyless renting services, web and mobile digital identity creation, customers and invoices management.


OCTO Telematics solution for fleet management

Future Automotive revenue growth from Downstream Services is expected to grow into a trillion-dollar market by 2025 and future applications will use vehicles as a part of an IoT ecosystem for apps and services, using proprietary or third-party Technology Service Providers.
OCTO runs more than 15 sharing and Rental services with:

Cars and scooters

More than 200.000 managed cars and scooters

Registered Users

More than 900.000 registered users

Rentings per month

More than 400.000 renting per month


Renting and Leasing

OCTO Telematics solution dedicated to fleets provides a set of customized, ready-to-use, and immediate rental processes, that allows an efficient management of the entire fleet as well as individual vehicles, including services such as: crash management, recovery vehicles in case of theft, vehicle tracking and advanced diagnostics, all based on both proprietary or third-party telematics devices and a simple, intuitive and configurable interface.

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