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Claims Management

Invert the trend anticipating the claim

Telematics and AI tell us what happened before a claim happens

When an incident occurs, the insurer can anticipate the client’s claim and proactively manage it. OCTO provides companies with the proper tools, such as a crash dashboard, which enables the ability to gain consumer permission to proceed with the claim application as soon as a damage has been revealed.

Knowledge of telematics and its application, together with systems based on AI, contribute to the automation of the whole process. In this way, the insurance companies are aware of what and how it happened, collecting all the useful information in order to prevent the details of the actual event from being modified, and consequentially from fraud.

Simulation augments a heavy accident investigation

Specific solutions have been developed to accelerate the standard process and to evaluate the crash effect with a remote service. Pictures of the damage, as well as actual data collected by the Smart Tag, enables a virtual dynamic reconstruction of vehicle movements, as if a virtual witness were present at the moment of impact. All this results in a boost to the traditional claim management process, reducing time and cost.

Getting closer to reality

OCTO’s aim is to minimize the steps of the claim process, having a single report to simply be approved, modified or denied by the insurance adjuster. In addition, the chance that unauthorized external third-parties interfere with the claim management, is prevented. Another important aspect is that insurers can steer clients to affiliated body shops.

Given its precise system for claim management, OCTO’s clients have realized an accuracy level of 80% on the actual crash and related damage evaluation.

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