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How Telematics is Changing Driver Behaviour

Insurance telematics devices tend to increase driver awareness

According to a recent report by the Insurance Research Council, an independent US-based non-profit research organization, telematics insurance devices appear to be successfully changing driver habits.The IRC Auto Insurance Telematics – Consumer Attitudes and Opinions Report, which reviewed 1135 drivers during the month of June 2015, reveals that 56% of the drivers participating in the survey reported that they had changed their driving style after installing a telematics device on their vehicle. In particular, 36% reported having made small changes to how they drive, while 18% acknowledged that they had made significant changes and only 38% declared that they had made no changes at all to their driving habits.

Moreover, of the 82% of respondents who declared that they received information on their driving behaviour from their insurance company, 81% said they reviewed the information and 88% found the information helpful.Elizabeth Sprinkel, IRC Senior VP, declared that the findings “suggest that having telematics devices installed in vehicles can play a beneficial role in promoting safe driving and reducing the frequency of auto accidents and their associated costs … While we can’t say with certainty that the changes drivers make are always for the better, or whether beneficial changes that are made become permanent, we can confidently say that the introduction and use of telematics technology is a move in the right direction.”Indeed, telematics insurance is not just about reducing the cost of insurance policies and providing emergency services.

It increases road safety by pro-actively alerting drivers to imminent dangers or unsafe driving (speeding, hard braking, etc.) and it also is an invaluable educational tool that can be used to show users how to improve their driving styles and habits.During the course of 2015, Octo Telematics introduced two new products that, amongst other advantages, also increase driver awareness on driving styles and habits.Octo U, which is a free app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, automatically collects, analyses and stores telematics data on driving behaviour. It serves as an invaluable learning tool to show drivers how to improve driving, alert them to recurrent dangers (speeding, hard braking, etc.), how to improve petrol consumption and improve road safety in general.Rider 2V, another recently presented Octo product, which allows motorcyclists and scooter riders to automatically record data and video on their journeys, not only provides them with clear and unequivocal evidence in case of accidents, but also allows them to view the filmed video and review their driving style.

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