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How to use OCTO PurePlace Car

OCTO PurePlace Car is a solution to sanitize a vehicle in an automatic and controlled way, before starting the journey and during the whole journey. OCTO Pure PlaceCar is a simple and effective way to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds in the cabin air and on surfaces. Without any risk to the health of passengers. OCTO PurePlace Car uses the advanced AFLPCO®* Photocatalytic Oxidation method to sanitise a vehicle after each use, It is based on an effective and safe technology developed by NASA

Powered by a common 12-volt supply (such as a car cigarette lighter), it is highly compatible with all types of vehicles and quick to install.

But how to use it?

First Step:

You can set up and start using your OCTO PurePlace Car in a matter of minutes.

Plug it in:

Plug your OCTO PurePlace Car into the cigarette lighter socket of the car.

Start your Engine:

Once securely placed intocigarette lighter socket, turn your car on. You will see a blue light come on. OCTO PurePlace Car has started sanitisation cycle.

Stop your Engine:

To switch off theOCTO PurePlace Car turn off your engine. If desired, you may remove the OCTO PurePlace Car from the cigarette lighter socket take it with you and apply it in a different vehicle.

Simple, easy, and effective!

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