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How we cultivate culture: Inside 4 growing Boston tech companies

Many startup founders would argue that building a strong company culture is just as important as building a world-class product or technology. After all, without some sort of identity, a company struggles to describe itself to its employees and prospective candidates, not to mention the outside world.

While some tech companies let their culture evolve naturally over time, others allocate a significant amount of time and resources into creating a culture manifesto that’s ideally embodied by their employees from the top-down. Built In Boston sat down with the CEO of Octo Telematics North America, Nino Tarantino, to hear how Octo cultivated their company culture — and how they uphold those values every day.

Nino Tarantino describes Octo’s culture in just a few words, “Global, innovative, energetic, intelligent and culturally diverse.”

Read the full article here.

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