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Octo Telematics Powers Award-winning Car Insurance

Uniqa Receives Innovation Award

The Czech car insurance branch of the UNIQA Group Austria has been awarded a prize for the most innovative car insurance product in the Czech Republic.

UNIQA, one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe, relies on Octo Telematics as a service provider for its automated telematic system of collision, anti-theft and emergency services.

The Safeline Rent + policy is a full three-year protection insurance coverage plan that includes a GPS unit with a crash sensor. In the event of a moderate to severe collision, the unit automatically sends an alarm as well as the accident location to the dispatch centre. In addition, the Car Finder system can locate and secure the vehicle after a theft. In several hundred responses after accidents, emergencies, breakdowns and thefts, SafeLine has helped UNIQA customers in wide-ranging ways.

“There are currently several products on the market addressing car safety and protection, ranging from anti-theft devices to satellite monitoring services, installed by car manufactures. However, our product not only supports all of these features, but it delivers much more,” explains UNIQA Spokesman Eva Svobodová.

“Our system combines modern technology and assistance services with the highest level of security. It is simply unrivalled in the Czech Republic,” concluded Ms Svobodová.

Headquartered in London and Rome, Octo Telematics has global coverage through a network of dedicated regional offices and 20 authorized Local Service Providers that provide full coverage to all major markets.

The Octo infrastructure is built around its world leading data and analytical Insight Centre (located in Rome, Italy) and the insurance market expertise and product development unit (centered in London, England). Octo has unparalleled local market resources and the capability to build, deploy and manage telematic systems on every major global market.

The UNIQA Group Austria is one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe and Italy. The success of the UNIQA brand lies in its strategic response to the diverse conditions of its local regional markets. Today, UNIQA enjoys success on 21 markets. It has 20,000 employees and its sales partners serve more than 7.5 million customers.

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