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Octo Unibox: Park Your Car and Go Public!

Octo’s Unibox/Smart Car and “Park Your Car and Go Public!” for UnipolSAI policyholders in Milan

Octo Telematics is the technological partner of the “Park Your Car and Go Public!” initiative.

The agreement between UnipoSAI, Municipality of Milan, ATM (the Milan Public Transportation System) and technical partner Octo will allow drivers insured with UnipolSAI in Milan, Italy to take advantage of a special offer aimed at reducing city traffic congestion: policyholders will receive a credit of €1,50 – the cost of one public transportation ticket – for every day their vehicles remain parked during peak hours.

The initiative is made possible thanks to Octo’s Unibox/Smart Car telematics device that will be able to monitor which policyholders leave their vehicles at home from Monday to Friday, between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm, for the duration of the three-month initiative*.

Octo’s Unibox/Smart Car is a miniaturized telematics device that not only collects a range of data on vehicle movement, speed and location, but also provides drivers with automated collision, anti-theft and emergency services.

Moreover, drivers who have a Unibox/Smart Car device installed on their vehicles are able to log in to a dedicated area of the Octo Telematics portal, consult all the data collected for their vehicle and contact the service provider directly, if necessary. Octo provides UnipolSAI with five different Unibox configurations for its policyholders: Easy, SuperEasy, Full, Top and Moto. Participants will be able to collect their tickets (for a maximum value of €30) at any ATM ticket machine in Milan by inserting the pin code provided by the insurance company. The “Park Your Car and Go Public!” initiative is an innovative and eco-compatible project that aims to reduce CO2 emissions from traffic congestion and improve quality of life by reducing the time citizens spend in cars. The “Park Your Car and Go Public!” initiative is valid from November 11, 2014 to February 11, 2015.

*The offer is not valid on traffic ban days.

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