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Over the years, OCTO has become a unique partner for companies operating in Automotive and related industries, providing customized solutions to empower and diversify their business.

Solutions for Insurance

This sector has been completely revolutionized by OCTO.

The aim has always been to add value to insurance industry and therefore to the offer for end-users. The analytics capability, in terms of collecting and processing a huge amount of data, in a prompt and more accurate way, has led to a more dynamic and customized management of risk profile, focused on how people drive their cars.

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Solutions for Renting and Leasing

As is the case for the insurance and Automotive OEMs industries, OCTO has developed proper tools to simplify and optimize both fleet telematics and vehicle sharing and renting due to the adoption of smart devices and comprehensive ready-to-use rental processes. In addition, predictive models based on AI algorithms allow a scalable use of technology for personal business applications.

OCTO’s technological solution is multi-tasking: from on-board diagnostics for predictive analysis, to multiple fleet and multiple users’ management. Also, prediction models are useful for renting and leasing pricing decisions.

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Solutions for Automotive OEMs

OCTO’s advanced technology expresses its potential through dedicated solutions developed for Automotive OEMs that leverage data to improve their business as well as to expand and enforce their network of operations.

The OCTO IoT Platform represents the link between Automotive OEMs and other industry verticals and company services. An intuitive interface completes the comprehensive offer, which passes through sophisticated devices, cloud-based vehicle diagnostics technology, and other ad hoc tools powered by OCTO.

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Solutions for Data Brokers

Data brokers aggregate data from different sources that need to be integrated, cleaned, and released through license, API, or subscription contract. This is what OCTO does when it comes to selling aggregate data through services.
This data, at the atomic rather than row level, are processed and normalized. It comes from a variety of sources and needs to be assimilated: this means to define what a journey is, and how to deal with this type of unit. In this way, the customer can see all the opportunities in the data.

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Solutions for Government and PA

Municipalities need deep insights to better understand local transportation patterns, traffic safety and road conditions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and justify investments in digital infrastructure.

How can they do it? By combining connected vehicle data with third-party sources and applying machine learning and analytics, data can be transformed into actionable smart city insights.

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