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Energica Connected Ride: The new long-range connectivity in partnership with Octo Telematics

Energica will unveil at Eicma the new long-range connectivity developed with Octo Telematics, the leading global provider of telematics solutions and data analysis for the automotive insurance sector.

Thanks to this partnership, all Energica electric motorcycles will be equipped, as standard, with remote connectivity.  This new technology vastly extends the full expanse of information already available on Energica motorcycles, thanks to the existing short-range local connectivity that relies on Bluetooth technology.

The on-board telematics device (ProShare XT) Octo Telematics, natively installed on Energica motorcycles, will allow real-time monitoring of the performance of the motorcycle through an app. This allows transmission of extensive information on the status of the bike, and intelligent alerts notifying the rider or owner if there is an interruption of the recharge or unexpected movement of the bike. It also allows for immediate location and sharing of riding routes and data.

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