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IBM and OCTO Telematics: cloud data for increasingly connected, secure and sustainable mobility

OCTO Telematics collects and processes huge amounts of vehicle’s mobility related data to deliver tangible benefits to customers and users and help lower pollution, congestion and crashes.

Recently, the continuous evolution of the platform has led to the activation of new solutions based on a microservices  architectural model supported by IBM Cloud capabilities on resiliency, performance, security, compliance and cost efficiency.

The exponential growth of data volume and the need to collect and analyze  data for useful insights – anywhere data resides- is revolutionizing the entire market scenario. The insurtech and mobility industries are driving the digital transformation by combining business goals and sustainability.

OCTO is known for its ability to innovate in the connected mobility industry, thanks to the skills acquired over more than two decades in a market – telematics – the Company pioneered.

The long-standing collaboration with IBM aims to deliver technology services in the insurtech and mobility markets in an innovative and efficient way through the platform developed by OCTO and running on IBM Cloud. The solution integrates market architectural and application solutions and enables to collect and process vehicle mobility data and to extract value from those data. Through the information collected and analyzed, the platform provides the ability to generate business and end-user benefits, such as helping to reduce pollution, congestion and crashes.

The two companies started their collaboration in 2016, with the beginning of a cloud journey characterized by continuous and increasing use of IBM Cloud infrastructures and services to accelerate the modernization and digital transformation of its operations with a secure, hybrid cloud approach.

As part of their modernization journey, OCTO initially adopted the IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server and VMware virtualization solutions available in the IBM Cloud catalog, to meet changing business needs, in accordance with security and compliance requirements. Today, OCTO develops its platform’s evolutionary capabilities with a microservice architecture on IBM Cloud, taking advantage of high standards in security, resilience and scalability. IBM Cloud, with datacenters located in a variety of strategic areas including Milan, London, Frankfurt and Washington where OCTO is present, offers enterprise-class storage and computing capabilities that helps OCTO address regulatory compliance requirements in Europe and in the United States.

Today, OCTO counts 5.7 millions of connected users and holds the largest global database of telematics data – more than 552 billion driving km and 514,000 registered claims analyzed – it’s easy to imagine the amount of produced, collected, and managed data, as well as the benefits derived from these processes in terms of both business and opportunities for users and territories. The path taken by OCTO aims to make its technologies available to smart cities and to start a new era of smart telematics aligned with the global sustainability goals of the company’s Vision Zero: zero crashes, zero congestion, zero pollution.

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