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The Shared Mobility Future

Reinventing Mobility

Transportation is essential to economic and social development as it facilitates the movement of people and goods. However, burgeoning populations and growing urbanisation paralleled by the surging demand for mobility has overburdened transport networks, particularly in urban areas. Such pressures have also intensified problems related to pollution and congestion.

New mobility business models, enabled through technology and accessed primarily through smartphones, have emerged in response to these challenges. In many cases, such models are upturning conventional notions of car ownership or lease, replacing them with a new wave of services ranging from car-sharingride-hailing and integrated mobility.

Connectivity and Shared Mobility Technologies 

The Shared Mobility space is evolving rapidly. New business models are improving fleet utilisation as well as catering to a wider customer base. For example, car-sharing platforms are expanding to include ride-hailing and bike-sharing while P2P cars-haring platforms are broadening to include ride-hailing and leasing.

Technology providers need not only to provide solutions that can be expanded to other business models but also those that can be integrated; in other words, they need to become providers of complete modular solutions.


Car-sharing has emerged as a popular, flexible and affordable solution that is flourishing in major cities on all five continents. It is a cheap, easy and environmentally sustainable alternative to the high costs of vehicle insurance and maintenance, especially in congested urban centres.

The global car-sharing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% from around 22 million to 47 million members over 2017 to 2025, covering more than 500,000 vehicles by 2025 (source: Frost and Sullivan). 

Indeed, in a world of self-driving cars, the distinction between car‐sharing and ride‐sharing solutions will fade away. Autonomous vehicles will be hailed by a smartphone apps and pick clients up to drive them safely to any desired destination.


Octo Telematics’subsidiary Omoove is the European Shared Mobility Technology Service Provider leader and offers its clients the only Shared Mobility Solution with a Triple Integrated Play: Vehicle Sharing, Enhanced Vehicle Management and Insurance Telematics for Mobility Operators and Car Rental Companies. Founded in 2001, Omoove currently operates more than 10 car-sharing services in 15 cities with about 200,000 connected vehicles and scooters, 900,000 registered users and over 400,000 rentals per month.

Omoove, which is powered by Octo’s cutting-edge telematics solutions, has introduced a wide range of innovative technological solutions for Shared Mobility schemes.

Sharemine by Omoove

Omoove’s online Sharemine platform allows companies and individuals to create and monitor car-sharing and ride-sharing communities in minutes.

The Community Manager dashboard is able to monitor the number of users and vehicles currently active, as well as drivers, reservations and journeys in progress. Thanks to the dashboard it is possible to easily check the revenues obtained from each rental, based on the rates set by the Community Manager.

EVM – Enhanced Vehicle Management

The Omoove solution for fleet management is called EVM: a fully customizable and configurable web platform that helps the operator apply technically advanced analytics to behavioural, contextual and other telematics data in real-time to make smarter decisions managing the fleet.

Omoove’s EVM allows the operator to monitor the onboard diagnostics and plan ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Depending on operator needs, EVM allows you to take advantage of the insurance telematics solutions based on Octo technology, to encourage safer driving and to track and monitor vehicles and to improve the driving behaviour.

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