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Sharing Mobility in Italy

by Francesco Lacidogna 

According to the 6th National Report on sharing mobility, in Italy vehicle sharing services grow in 2021 compared to the previous year in terms of rentals and registrations, respectively + 61% and + 31%.

The number of rentals made in sharing mobility is back in line with the trend recorded until the pandemic, a year compared to which the number of rentals in 2021 is 25% higher. On these numbers, the spread and growth of shared scooter services plays a decisive role.

The sharing mobility fleet increased from 84,6 thousand vehicles in 2020 to 89 thousand vehicles in 2021. At the same time, the number of services increased from 158 to 190 in the last year. 52% of the shared fleet is made up of scooters in 2021, 31% of bicycles, 10% of mopeds and 7% of cars. The figure for zero-emission vehicles in the fleet also increased, the share of which rose from 92% to 94.5% in the last year.


In 2021, free-floating car sharing records 8% fewer rentals than in 2020, but increases the duration of rentals to 43,7 minutes, about 11 minutes higher than in 2019. Station based Car sharing services are better with + 22.2% of rentals compared to 2020.

32% of cars are electric or hybrid and electric has increased by 12% compared to 2020.


Bikesharing, both in free-floating and station-based operating models, rebounds compared to 2020, registering a + 56% with 4,6 million rentals and + 22% with 3,4 million rentals. The performance of 2019 remains still 37% lower for free-floating services and 36% for station-based services.


2021 certifies the strong diffusion of scooter-sharing services, a segment of sharing mobility that alone recorded half of the total rentals made in Italy (17,9 million), more than doubling the previous year’s performance. Registrations for services also increased at the same pace, which in December 2021 are estimated at around 2,7 million (+144% compared to the previous year).


The use of shared scooters is also expanding strongly, which in 2021 returned to the demand levels of 2019 (+ 5%). Total trips made on a shared moped were 3 million in 2021, + 40% compared to the previous year. The increase in subscriptions to services was also similar, for a total of 807.000

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