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5 Things To Know When Driving An Electric Car

  1. No Trasmission. Electric cars are equipped with a gear reducer that transmits power to the wheels. Once on board, just select Drive Mode and the car will do everything. Only your right foot will be used
  2. Silence. The car engine does not produce any noise. Definitely a value but also a pitfall. Pedestrians and cyclists may not hear your car coming so be extra vigilant.
  3. Excellent Performance. Contrary to popular believe, electric cars are perform better compared to traditional cars. The power supply is immediate from the get go.
  4. Gentle gas and brake usage. A relaxed and calm driving style is better for the car. A gradual acceleration, and a constant travel speed are the ideal conditions. Unknown to some, thanks to the kinetic energy recovery system, every time pressure is released on the accelerator the car slows down decisively. The brake pedal is used almost exclusively for the final stop.
  5. Climate and Heating. Heating and air conditioning are present within an electric car. The most recent cars have reduced hot and cold air consumption but…. opening windows in summer and a jumper in winter can surely help!

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